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That ‘One Wish’ of Making Every Child Happy

Children should not suffer. Their fragile and tender souls should not have to go through the suffering of hardships. Your One Wish believes every child deserves to be happy and healthy.

There is nothing more important or satisfying for us than to bring smiles on the faces of children who have gone through difficult times. It is our firm vision to take a stand for children who have disabilities or are suffering from serious illnesses!

We wish to give children the opportunity to have a happy and fulfilling life. We wish to transform their lives so they can look towards a bright future. We are a registered charity in the United Kingdom who grants the wishes of children who are seriously ill or disabled.
To accomplish this task, we rely on the generosity of good people like you who like us wish to bring smiles to the faces of kids not just in the UK, but all over the world.

We change the lives of children by giving them the opportunity to experience what they have always wanted, which is what we at ‘Your One Wish’ aim to accomplish and we would like you to be a part of this noble endeavor!

We cannot thank enough this special, special charity. You have made a massive difference to our children’s learning environment and experiences. We are able to offer a bigger aspect of physical development and it will allow the children to expand and use their imaginations exploring a new environment

– The Alphabet Pre-School


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