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June 29th 2021

Alfie is 10 years old and a HUGE Fortnite fan. Little Alfie was diagnosed with AML Leukaemia on Christmas Day, of all days. He’s since battled through two gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. He’s been incredibly brave and strong throughout, and despite everything, he still has a smile on his face.

Alfie’s wish was to play Fortnite with some of his YouTuber idols, and to reach 1000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel –

We reached out to the YouTube gaming community and were thrilled when not one but FOUR YouTubers agreed to play Fortnite online with him!

Massive thank you to Muselk, Lazar, Lachlan and Tabor Hill for helping us to grant this fantastic wish for such a wonderful little boy.

Tabor Hill has continued to play with Alfie every few weeks since, also going ‘live’ with Alfie, and telling his fans of Alfie’s wish to boost his own subscriber level, which means that Alfie has absolutely smashed his target, and currently has 14.9 THOUSAND subscribers!

You can watch Alfie and Tabor ‘live’ here –

Here’s a lovely photo of Alfie with the Fortnite goodies that we sent to keep him occupied in isolation in hospital!