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Jagjit was four years old when he started showing symptoms of weakness and illness. After testing, the doctors were able to do a proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, Jagjit was suffering from a condition called pulmonary atresia, which affected him greatly as the blood flow to the lungs, and other parts of the body were hindered.

Even though there have been several surgeries, Jagjit’s condition never really got any better.

However, Jagjit is a strong and smart kid and loves to live life, as all young kids should. His one wish was to go and watch the Barcelona FC match live in their stadium at the Camp Nou stadium. We got to work, and with your help, we were able to give this young man what he truly wished for, to go and watch the live match between FC Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid.

We are dedicated to making a difference for kids who wish for their heart’s desire to be fulfilled. Nothing gives us more pleasure and pride!

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