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Recently, we came across a page on twitter @RoarforJess. After reading Jess’ story we contacted her family to see if there was anything we could do to put a smile on her face. Jess is 10 years old, she has suffered with Neuroblastoma for 7 years. Unfortunately, there is no more treatment available to Jess and the family are now spending each day creating memories with Jess and her two younger siblings. Your One Wish were delighted to present Jess and her family with 5 Merlin Passes.

We hope that they enjoy these passes and that these days out contribute to the magical memories they will create together. Jess is an amazing, beautiful and inspiring young lady and she is always in our thoughts.

Message from Jess’ Grandparents:

‘Jess was first diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma,  when she was three years old.  This went into spontaneous remission,  unfortunately it came back when Jess was six, and she has had continual treatment for the last four and a half years. Jess’s cancer was far more aggressive than we realised and she is now receiving end of life care. We are trying to make as many memories for her younger brother and sister as we can, we would like to thank Your One Wish for giving our family Merlin passes, this will enable us to take the children to exciting places that they will always remember.’