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P3 is a social inclusion charity who run Challenger house. This is a house in West London that is a stable and safe home to young people who are leaving social services care. Whilst in their care, the staff at P3 teach the young adults independent living skills, how to do tasks and chores and how to run a home on a minimal budget.

Due to the restrictions that came with lockdown in March 2020, P3 Charity wanted to ensure that there was a Covid secure environment for their children to continue their support sessions. Their wish was for a gazebo and garden furniture for Challenger house.

Kate from P3 charity said “The Gazebo and furniture arrived very quickly and meant we were able to keep giving our support to our young people in person as we could meet outside. The Gazebo provides shelter from all weather and allows us to meet the young people in groups and still be socially distanced. The Gazebo furniture has had such a positive impact on the whole house. Young people often go outside to sit and eat together. It has provided us with so much more than a place to sit and it will continue to do so for years to come”.