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RNIB Sunshine House School is a specialist school is for blind and partially sighted children with significant learning difficulties and disabilities aged 2 to 14. Based in Northwood, Middlesex, they offer a safe and supportive environment that helps children achieve their full potential.

RNIB Sunshine House School needed a new horizontal standing frame which is made specifically for an individual student and their specific needs. Your One Wish were happy to supply the school with a new horizontal stander for their pupil, Blaine.

Message from a member of staff at the RNIB Sunshine House School:

“Blain uses the stander frame daily. Standing has many benefits and these are some of the benefits for Blain:
• It encourage bone development which strengthens the bones
• It reduces high muscle tone by achieving a tone inhibiting posture
• It provides a prolonged stretch to certain muscle groups and connective tissues thus helping to maintain the movement in the joints
• It increases sensory awareness and joint perception
• It helps promote digestion (it facilitates movement of the large intestine)
• It helps to improve breathing by opening the chest
• It stimulates the vestibular system
• It allows Blain to be included and to be on a level with other people
• It promotes eye – hand coordination

Blain cannot access standing without any support. The Horizon stander facilitates standing. Blain can be hoisted into the stander with her sling that she uses daily. The bed of the stander is in the horizontal position and then the stander is brought up electronically into a more upright position. The angle of the stander can be adjusted to the needs of the individual. Blain stands happily in the stander for 45 minutes at a time.”