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Sam is 10 years old. He was born by emergency C-section on the 09-08-08 at just 26 weeks gestation, weighing 1lb 6oz. At the age of 3 he wasn’t expected to survive a bone marrow transplant. He’s now much older and did survive the transplant but unfortunately it didn’t cure him and his life is still very dependant on medical intervention including 24/7 oxygen and a ventilator at night time.

Sam has a whole host of difficulties, including chronic lung disease (for which he’s dependant on a BiPAP machine at night), immunodeficiency, dysmotility of the oesophagus and intestinal tract, and polymorphic light eruption, amongst others. He’s a very sick little boy.

Sam wished for a gaming laptop. He spends a lot of time in hospital and this results in him missing a lot of school and means a lack of social interaction with his friends. The laptop has helped Sam to keep up with his school work as well as keep him in contact with friends and family during his extensive hospital stays.

Message from Sam’s Mum:

“Sam received his special wish from Your One Wish. Sam spends a lot of time indoors due to his illness and misses out on a lot of schooling and outdoor play as he’s just worn out. Your One Wish granted Sam a laptop to help with school work and help with keeping him connected to his friends via the social play. As you can see he’s so happy.
Thank you to one wish and everyone who helped raised the funds for Sam and many others.”