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The John Chilton School is based in Northolt. It is a mixed community special school which is funded by the Ealing Local Authority for pupils aged 3-17 years old. The pupils have moderate to severe learning difficulties as a primary need or as a dual diagnosis to their medical or physical need. Your One Wish were happy to supply the school with some resources which have proved to have a positive impact on the students learning.

Message from a member of staff at The John Chilton School:

‘The pupils have really enjoyed using the equipment that we were able to buy due to the generosity of the One Wish Charity. The school runs a Nurture Group twice a day for pupils who find it challenging to regulate their emotions, share and turn take. The equipment donated by the charity has enabled us to support the pupils in relaxation and all of them particularly enjoy the vibrating mattress that soothes and allows for the pupils to achieve calm. Even the most anxious pupils have been known to fall asleep!

The sensory rucksack provides interest and pupils enjoy exploring what is there and the range from cuddly to cognitive allows us to use the resource to meet the needs of a diverse group of pupils. Some enjoy cuddling up to the vibrating pig or watching the light toys, while others find that playing a card game supports their joint attention and helps progress their concentration span.

The dark den has been very useful and versatile. It is often difficult to find equipment that is large enough for older pupils and those in wheelchairs. This can be set up in the nurture group and pupils access it individually, to have calm time with a light toy; or in small groups where they can explore turn taking and joint attention time whilst there are no distractions from the rest of the room.

The bubble tube train has just arrived and has proved a great success with our younger pupils. One child found it very difficult to concentrate and communicate his choices due to complex ASD and cognitive difficulties. He will clearly communicate to adults that he wishes to use the train and will point to it, which is a great achievement. He can use it for a lengthening amount of time and is calmer afterwards and finds concentrating in class easier’