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On 25th of April, 2015, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit Nepal causing massive destruction. The resulting devastation caused the deaths of over 9000 people and injuring almost 22,000! This event truly was a sad and horrific day for the people over there, and at Your One Wish, we were quick to respond to the pleas of the people over there!

We quickly spread the word to everyone and told them about our mission to go and help the people in need over there, especially the children. When such disasters hit, it is the children who suffer the most due to malnutrition, illness and lack of proper clothing.

The amazing response we got allowed us to raise more than £20,000! This effort allowed us to reach out to the people in Nepal who need the necessities of shelter, water, and food to survive. We saw the destruction first hand as countless thousands had lost their loved ones. Apart from the lives lost, the devastation to the infrastructure was terrible.

With the generous contributions of the people from all over the world, we worked to rebuild communities and give families the means to start their lives anew. Such a daunting task would never have succeeded without the gracious donations of the donors and the dedicated hard work of the Your One Wish staff!