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This project is also very dear to us as we were able to grant a very nice and amazing boy his One Wish!

The Mustoe family had contacted us about their son, Tommy. He was nine years and had diabetes and cystic fibrosis. The family told us that Tommy is the bravest and most courageous buy they know as he lives each day to the fullest and does his best to lead a normal life.

But things changed recently when his condition got worse, and the hospital visits increased. He used to be bed ridden for weeks and had to spend days in the hospital. Even though he was going through this tough time, Tommy was strong and brave to face these difficulties.

Tommy is a huge Tottenham Hotspurs fan, and his one wish was to meet his idol, Harry Kane.

So at Your One Wish, we got to work to make this a reality, and we did it! Nothing makes us happier and more proud to see this young man meet his football hero!